• December 1, 2023

Introduction to Playzido

Playzido is one of those online game providers that hasramped up its presence and impact through several strategic partnerships. For example, Playzido is a partner of Endemol Shine, one of the biggest media entertainment companies in the world. Today, Playzido stands as one of the industry leaders in casino game development, despite being in existence for a little under fiveyears.

Based out of London, Playzido is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. It is registered both as a game host and gambling software provider. Asone of the most robust gambling authorities in the world, it is a plus for any game developer to hold a license fromthe UK Gambling Commission.

Primarily known for its slots and table games, Playzido has released classics like Deal or No Deal over the past few years. In its short history, Playzidohas gained a reputation as one of the most trusted game providers in the online casino space.

History of Playzido

Playzido launched in 2017 and got its first major breakin the same year. However, the break did not come from any blockbuster title that the company released. Instead, Playzido was associated with Endemol Shine and instantly caused waves in the market of game providers. Contrary to what we tend to think, developing games is not just about passion and expertise. There are many market factors tied to it, and sometimes recognition and funding can take game providers to the next level. Through itspartnership with Endemol Shine, Playzido gained this recognition and support.

Endemol Shine partnered with Black Cow Technologies to launch Playzido in 2017. In the beginning, the vision of Playzido was to develop and launch branded games that would help the concerned companies with reach and engagement. However, Playzido evolved to be more than just a branded game supplier. It went on to develop more than 500 games across categories, especially slots and table games.

PlayzidoTop Games

With more than 500 games in its catalog, Playzido offers numerous impressive titles to choose from. Without a doubt, one of itsmost popular games is Deal or No Deal, based onthe legendary television game show. When Endemol launched Deal or No Deal from Playzido, it was an instant success. As a result, Playzido has since launched many other versions of this title.

The most recent version of Deal or No Deal is Deal or No Deal Bankers Riches. Other previous versions include Deal or No Deal Roulette, Deal or No Deal Rapid Round, Deal or No Deal International, Deal or No Deal Red Box Streak, Deal or No Deal Jackpot and of course the classic Deal or No Deal.

In the modern online casino space, Deal or No Deal is a legendary game. However, that is not the only title released by Playzido. One of itsmost popular table games is LAZO 100K, which is known for its particularly high volatility. While this gameis certainly not for everyone, it has a niche fanbase of its own. The game has a simple format with ninecards, 39 bet options, and a lot of ways to win.

Beyond the above-mentioned games, Playzido also has hundreds of moreimpressive titles across various categories.

Playzido Notable Awards

Playzido was nominated for the Rising Star in Casino Innovation award in the 2019 edition of the SBC Awards. The nomination was a recognition of how far Playzido has come after just two years of existence. However, this is the only nomination that Playzido has received over the last few years. One major reason behind this is the fact that Playzido is still a very young online game development company. As it gains more experience and reaches more people, we can expect Playzido to receive numerous awards in the future both for its innovation and marketing.


Overall, there are very few things that Playzido fails to get right. Though it hasnot yet gainedthe recognition it deserves, it is surely on the way. With major corporate partners and a competent team, the future looks very promising for Playzido.